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About The Dash with Matrilla

The Dash with Matrilla podcast is all about uplifting, inspiring, mentoring, motivating,& encouraging men and women to Never give up on their LIFE or their Dreams! But the core to the podcast is to Never give up on GOD!

The Podcaster ( Matrilla) is an Educator, Ordained Minister, Radio Personality & Author who uses skills, knowledge & real life experiences, love, biblical scriptures & principles to assist those who are serious about transforming, rebuilding, or redirecting their life to a level beyond stagnation, negativity, fear, doubt, shame, guilt and or insecurity. The drive behind the passion to help others develop spiritually, mentally & physically stems from personal experience of having to rebuild her life after a divorce. Losing a business. Bankruptcy & taking care of a terminally ill parent while battling with depression from an over flux of pent up stress. The day God show'd her what it took to Live a Healed, Happy & Whole life from the inside out, was the day she got serious about rebuilding her life to a positive & prosperous level beyond what society calls normal. It was also the day she made a commitment to wake up everyday expecting to encourage, motivate, inspire & teach others how to keep their faith in God & be happy in this space called LIFE.
Learn to live your life to the fullest spiritually, mentally & physically....after all YOUR DASH IS YOUR LIFE STORY! What is your Dash currently saying about you?
*** your dash is the space between the date you were born and the date you died***

Her motto is Never Give up on your Life. Never Give up on your Dreams & Never Give on God. Her signature or tagline is "Smile It's Contagious!"

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