Episode 101: Don't Panic, Don't Cry

December 4th, 2018 · 24 mins 15 secs

About this Episode

TONIGHTS SHOW: is all about keeping your focus on the end result..which is WInning! We'll talk about how the right attitude can shape your overall perception in any situation. We dig into how living in a panic state affects your life. And how crying over anything for too long can keep you in the seat of depression. I'm so excited to be your Journey Partner on this road called Life. Enjoy the show.

The Dash with Matrilla podcast is for anyone who wants to be mentored, inspired, uplifted, encouraged & motivated to Never give up on living their best Life (above the norm)!
The Dash is the line between the day you were born & the day to died...it represents the life you lived. It speaks volume to people when they talk about you. So what will your DASH say about you?

The show feature topics about building a good spiritual life, being healthy, personal growth, doing business as a Christian, life-lessons, loving on purpose, religion vs relationship & improving your overall life experience in a positive way. If it's going to motivated, encourage & improve your life, we are talking about it!

The Podcaster ( Matrilla) is a Mother, Wife, Educator, Ordained Minister, Radio Personality & Author who uses skilled knowledge, real life experiences, love & unorthodox biblical principles to assist those who are serious about improving their life on a level that's beyond ordinary. The drive behind her passion to help others live their "REAL" good life, stems from personal experience of having to rebuild her life after a divorce. Losing a business. Bankruptcy & taking care of a terminally ill parent while battling with depression from an over flux of pent up stress. The day God show'd her what it took to Live a Healed, Happy & Whole life from the inside out, was the day she got serious about living her life beyond what society calls normal. It was also the day she made a commitment to wake up everyday expecting to encourage, motivate, inspire & teach others how to live happily & successfully in their own space called LIFE

Her motto is Never Give up on your Life. Never Give up on your Dreams & Never Give on God. Her Tagline is Smile It's Contagious!
Connect with the Podcaster @healedhappywholethewealthonaireexperience on FB and @allhealingpoints on IG

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