Not Today. Possibly Tomorrow

April 19th, 2024 · 6 mins 30 secs

About this Episode

The Dash with Matrilla podcast is all about uplifting, inspiring, mentoring, motivating & encouraging men and women to Never give up on their LIFE or their Dreams! But the core to the podcast is to Never give up on GOD!

The Podcaster ( Pastor Matrilla Hall ) is an Educator,Licensed & Ordained Minister, Radio Personality & Author who uses real life experiences, love, biblical scriptures & principles to assit those who are serious about transforming, rebuilding, or redirecting their life to a level beyond stagnation, negativity, fear, doubt, shame, guilt and or insecurity. The drive behind the passion to help others develop spiritually, mentally & physically stems from personal experience of having to rebuild her life after a divorce. Losing a business. Bankruptcy & taking care of a terminally ill parent while battling with depression from an over flux of pent up stress. The day God show'd her what it took to Live a Healed, Happy & Whole life from the inside out, was the day she got serious about rebuilding her life to a positive & prosperous level beyond what society calls normal. It was also the day she made a commitment to wake up everyday expecting to encourage, motivate, inspire & teach others how to keep their faith in God & be happy in this space called LIFE.
Learn to live your life to the fullest spiritually, mentally & physically....after all YOUR DASH IS YOUR LIFE STORY! What is your Dash currently saying about you?

Her motto is Never Give up on your Life. Never Give up on your Dreams & Never Give on God. Her signature or tagline is "Smile It's Contagious!"

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