The Dash with Matrilla

Your D--A--S--H is your LIFE Story!

Just Passing Through

Many times blessings & promises are delayed due to fear of the unknown. Afraid to keep moving forward because it appears the enemy is closer than he really is. Afraid you'll get hurt or rejected during the process. Afraid of the hard work it'll take to get to your next level. All of these fears are rooted in uncetainty in the power of the Lord. The same God that made a way for you too escape is the same GOd that can get you to the other side to freedom (whatever YOUR freedom is.). Your escape wasn't a quick wit magic, it was the hand of GOd working in your favor and the end result is good! So stop wandering in the wilderness and use your faith to get to your promise land.
Exodus 14:12
~Smile Its Contagious