The Dash with Matrilla

Your D--A--S--H is your LIFE Story!

Hold tight, help is on the way

In life we face twist and turns that make us feel as though God has forgotten about us. Minor and major setbacks can make us question our actions " did I make the wrong choices? Could I have done it differently? Is this really for me?" These are questions many of us have played over and over in our head when things seem to go south. Let me share this with you, when God gives you a desire to do something you get a burst of energy that makes you feel as though you could conquer the world. And you could, if you wanted to :-) . It's only when the enemy sneaks in and starts interjecting negativity into your thoughts, you start to question your ability to achieve what you've started. Just because you hit a bump in the road doesn't mean it wasn't a good idea or you made the wrong decision. The bump is designed to slow you down, not stop you. Learn to examine the bump in the road for a positive outcome. Tunnel vision is important when moving toward your destiny. Don't let bumps and detours push you off the road, HOLD ON TIGHT, YOUR HELP IS ON THE WAY! Matter of fact it's already there, all you have to do is calm down long enough to identify it's presence. Stay on the road, you're almost there!