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Your D--A--S--H is your LIFE Story!

My Soul Has Power

The soul is where our emotions are housed ( good or bad). Now more than ever is a good time for individuals who are serious about living their "REAL" good life to evaluate the status of their soul. When the soul is sick the whole body is sick. You may not feel sick, but sickness in the soul will present itself in the lifestyle of a person through their actions, conversation & atmosphere.
A lot of people are destroying their lives, but are totally unaware. A sick soul is usually a reflection of a spiritual strong hold. #Spiritual strong holds are real and if you allow them to rest easy within your space they will utterly destroy your life. What if I told you what was going on in your life could be a reflection of whats going on in your soul, would you believe me? I'm not talking about the things you have no control over. I'm talking about the way you think. The way you view the world. The way you talk about yourself. these are things you can control. So many times we talk ourselves out of living a good life. Are you struggling with finding or keeping love? Having trouble keeping a job? Battling with keeping your finances in order? etc. These are all things you can control. " I will go on this date with you, but I'm not letting my guards down. I got the job, but I don't know how long I'll be there. He/She treats me really nice, but I'm sure they will change soon. Yeah I'm working right now, but I know three years from now they are probably going to cut my hours." These are all conversations that make you sick in your soul. The best way to heal your soul is to speak well about your life, about your finances, about your family. I challenge you to build yourself up in a postive way. Forgive others, it'll free up room for happiness to rest in your soul. Command your soul to line up with your expectations. Stop using negative words/conversation to describe your life and stop other people from doing the same. This is about your spiritual #well-being, protect it like your life depends on it....because it does! The enemy is after your mind, because he knows if he can control your thoughts, he can control your life.
3 John 1:2 says "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth." Here is your proof that God wants you to prosper in every area of your life. The questions is do you want to prosper in those areas as well? Heal your soul and heal your life.

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