The Dash with Matrilla

Your D--A--S--H is your LIFE Story!

Travel With A Purpose

DId you know that travel is a great avenue for an experience? Through travel you can experience new culture & even meet new people. If you never leave your house, the only experience you'll have is confinement. There is so much to experience outside of your own comfort zone. God create this huge world, not for you to just wish and hope you could experience it. Think on this, the Lord Jesus walked the earth over 2,000 years ago, guess what you can go to the very places his feet stood upon. Yes, you could walk in the same places that Jesus walked, the places you read about in the bible, the places that helped to transform you life through preaching & inspiration.

There are a vast number of islands you could explore that could put you in a peaceful state of mind, while offering your soul a place to revive from all of the negativity, depression & fear of your normal surroundings. You could cruise the river or the sea and experience regions that offer healthy living lifestyles from a natural perspective or you could be amazed by locations that live happy and stress free from modern day technology. There is so much you could experience, but again, you've got to be willing to explore it all. People owe you NOTHING, but the world owes you an experience and travel is how you collect your payment.
~Smile It's Contagious

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